Board Team Building Board Chair, St Michael's International School

Deidre led a very successful biennial governance training session for the Board and Council of St Michael’s International School, Kobe in February 2018. With very little time to prepare, she grasped the ethos and spirit of the School. Her understanding of the journey we have made in the past decade and our present concerns resulted in a day of learning well tailored to our current situation. Not only did Deidre meet all the objectives she had been asked to address, she did so in a style that engaged all the participants and which they all enjoyed.

Feedback from members was unanimously positive, one saying it was the best training session she’d attended. The variety of activities aided in keeping attention during a long day; as a result, enthusiasm didn’t flag throughout.

The training was particularly useful at a period of change in governance of the School.

It allowed newer and perhaps shyer members of the Council to express their views and develop confidence in their ability to benefit the governance of the School.

Deidre’s comments on the governance of the School were very reassuring and it was most helpful to be shown we have already taken many of the necessary steps to tackle issues on our agenda in the coming months.

We wholeheartedly recommend Deidre as a governance trainer and would be happy to have her back for future sessions at St Michael’s.

Peter Mallett
Chair of the Council, St Michael’s International School, Kobe, Japan