Lyneth_1b-2 Lyneth Rozzuell Magsalin Grade 5 Teacher, Chadwick International School

The Job application process is such a nerve-racking experience that Ms. Deidre Fischer is able to provide  professional feedback and personal support as well.

She provides feedback from the very beginning process of your application, the CV, cover letter, giving practice interviews and ongoing support when jobs are not emerging. Her feedback and insights were able to provide me with a stronger and professional look to my documents. She supported me with how to conduct myself through interviews, coached me on how to highlight my strengths and provided suggestions for improvement.

Going through the application process in the international setting with her support and constant reminder that the “best fit” will be the job that is best for you, helped me land my first international post and it is certainly has been the ‘best fit’ for me at this time of my career.

Being with Ms. Fischer, you get a package of professional and personal support that you will definitely need during the job application process.