“Great leaders find ways to connect with people and help them fulfil their potential” Steven J Stowell

Designed for teaching and non-teaching staff in schools. Workshops can also be designed for administrators, aspiring heads of school and Board members

All teachers are leaders – all of them are trained as teachers, how many receive leadership and management skills during their training? These skills are essential for anyone who wants to work with others within a team situation.

A ‘whole-school’ approach aligned with the school’s mission/vision and core values is the unique approach to the leadership/manager skills workshops that I can provide. Combine this with practical and differentiated workshops that will engage all participants.

Due to the depth and range of leadership experience that I have, the International Baccalaureate Organisation (www.ibo.org)  invited me to be one of 20 school leaders within the Asia Pacific region to receive specialist training to facilitate leadership workshops for administrators/leaders of IB World Schools.

The last workshop was a two-day Board training workshop. Deidre immediately switched gears and led our Board to a deeper understanding of its function. She engaged both new and returning Board members and ensured that all members felt encouraged to participate. Her work with the Board helped set us up for our successful CIS/WASC visit that just occurred last month.

Denise Walsh, Head of Bali Island School (formerly Bali International School)

Governance Training

Experience as a CEO, as well as Board member experience, together with formal AICD qualifications has provided me with a range of governance experiences that support my work as a facilitator for Board training, for schools as well as other non-profit organisations.