Joel Langley

I had the pleasure of working with Deidre Fischer during my search for a dream job teaching abroad at an International School. Deidre and I first engaged 4 months prior to attending the Search Associates Job Fair in Melbourne, Australia. In this time, we met on a number of occasions to discuss at depth exactly what it is I was looking for from my first International School Job.

Deidre would emphasize the idea of shifting my focus away from the location of the school, but more so the opportunities of which the school could provide me for future development. I found Deidre to be an exceptional listener and communicator, taking the time to learn my background and establishing a clear picture of how best to approach potential employers.

Throughout the entire process, from formatting an effective CV to signing the contract to the desired position, having professional support and guidance made a significant difference to achieving my goal. I would highly recommend Deidre’s services for anyone looking to break into the International School scene and get a head start over other candidates.

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She is not only an exemplary leader in the International School industry; she is a creative and encouraging mentor and coach. Deidre provided me with comprehensive and well balanced advice with regards to finding the best fit and how I could best present my skills, accomplishments and personal strengths to engage prospective employers.