Deidre Fischer
Deidre Fischer(GAICD)Dip. T, B. Ed., M. Ed

Who is Deidre Fischer?

Deidre is not only an experienced educator for students and adults, but also a former Head of Pre-School to Grade 12 International Schools.

This includes:

  • Director of the International School of Ulaanbataar (Mongolia),
  • Superintendent of Cebu International School (Philippines) and
  • Interim Head for Bali International School (Indonesia).
In addition to her extensive head of school experience, she has also completed projects for the Council of International Schools (, volunteered time for the EARCOS Board of Trustees (, Basketball South Australia Commission ( and Rotary International.

Apart from Australia, some of the countries that Deidre has worked in include: Indonesia, the Philippines, Mongolia, Cambodia, Japan, Thailand, India, PR China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Brunei, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Clients value her ability to stimulate strategic thinking that is aligned to the mission and vision of the school, and developing positive, practical strategies to foster teamwork within the community. She has a warmth of personality coupled with genuine interest in others, be it students, teachers, parents, non-teaching staff or Board members, that puts others at ease and generates an easy, respectful environment within her workshops.
Deidre has a range and depth of experiences in teaching and leadership from 30+ years spanning public and private schools in Australia as well as international schools. She is known for the way in which she is able to work collaboratively with others to achieve practical results that make a measurable difference to individuals and their organisations.
The International Baccalaureate Organisation ( identified and selected Deidre as one of 20 school leaders within the Asia Pacific region to receive specialist training so that she can provide leadership training for administrators/leaders of IB World Schools.
As well as consulting across the region, Deidre has presented at a number of conferences about building organisational capacity from within, developing inclusive practices that promote diversity of leadership within schools and nurturing women for leadership. Deidre believes that all schools should foster the potential of all those within their community.

Why should you engage DF Education?

  • Engaging, active learning
  • Workshops/training customised to your needs
  • Extensive international experience and knowledge

“Excellent pace. Clear objectives. Challenging conversations. Easy, respectful atmosphere.” Workshop participant (February 2016)

As a teacher, my core business has been delivering quality teaching. As a school leader/head of school, it has been about developing quality schools and developing the ‘brand’. Therefore this business is an extension of what I have been doing for more than 30 years – developing the quality of teaching so that students can be successful.

Schools exist so that students can learn and achieve success. A teacher, and school leader’s, responsibility is to the students they serve.

DF Education helps schools/individuals by building practical skills that can be applied immediately following the workshops. It is not just about the learning, it is about process and skill building that can help transform practice in schools.

Clients of DF Education

Clients of DF Education