Organisational / School Reviews

“The report Ms.  Fischer submitted was thorough and comprehensive.  She willingly went even beyond the rather extensive report we had commissioned, and provided valuable insight on other aspects of our school. She was professional from start to finish, and also very good value for money. I will definitely consider her for future projects!”

Dr. Beverly Sortland, Stonehill International School Bangalore, India

Having ‘fresh’ eyes can provide a different perspective that will support informed decision making. Asking questions can stimulate thought processes within a school or organisation and foster discussion about what may be best for the organisation.

I can provide an independent assessment on any area you wish to have reviewed within your school – my report will provide findings and recommendations. I have worked on a range of projects for schools and not-for-profit organisations and examples of reviews include: business operations within a school, leadership structures, whole school professional development and international programmes.

A review can focus on one aspect of your operations, or on a number of different areas and support your school improvement process and/or strategic planning.