The Grass is Greener Where you Water It – Coaching Methods

Opportunity is about creation – for individuals and for organisations. I’ve sat on both sides of the table as an executive and coaching students and recent graduates. Working both top down and bottom up, I believe every manager should identify how they can maximise the effectiveness of everyone who works with them and that individuals seeking out opportunity should maximise every pathway to reach their objective. I use the same 1-1 coaching practices for individuals as organisations.

I know from practice that 1-1 coaching and systems coaching methods are highly transferable and build capacity within organisations. In a school setting it’s all about setting up systems and processes to enable teachers who in turn enable their students.

1-1 Coaching

I love this type of coaching as I’m empowering others. As an experienced Head of School and ICF certified coach, I help professionals navigate difficult situations. I know the tendency to get stuck within our own heads and offer the ability to talk with someone who is independent. I counsel Heads of Schools, aspiring leaders and teachers and help schools set up their own systems for coaching. 

Systems coaching

The focus is to improve the quality (and effectiveness) of teaching practices within an entire school. A ‘whole of school’ approach with consistency and alignment across sections of the school but differentiated where appropriate. This type of coaching helps leadership identify the structures that need to be in place to support coaching practices as part of their leadership/management for all staff.

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