Being future ready means that our children need to be ready for whatever the future will look like.  In a world that is constantly being both impacted by technological change and empowered by new technologies, its hard not to think about the impact of technology.


Do you remember what we used before we had computers, laptops, tablets etc? I certainly do.


Once upon a time I trained as a “Typing and shorthand” teacher. I learned how to effectively use this tool along with developing the skill to manually repair a typewriter. While I do not repair typewriters these days, I still know how to use technology as a tool to support learning.


On first impressions, tech gadgets are wonderful toys to EXPLORE, and WONDER about. The importance I believe is to ensure that we all CONNECT the tech to student learning outcomes so that we can help our students understand how their learning can be enhanced and supported through the use of technology.


Technology is a great tool to do, make and communicate but the real power of it is much more significant. Its’ true power is empowering people to raise awareness, find answers, change minds, drive change and more. In his book ‘the Innovators Mindset’ George Couros explores these ideas, and the diagram below is a collaborative effort between George Couros and Bill Ferritt.


At Innova Academy we continually challenge ourselves to think about what ‘future ready’ means, so that we can do our best to make sure our kids are ready for a rapidly changing future


Did you know?

More than 50% of todays jobs will be lost to automation, robots and A.I. by 2035

65% of jobs in the next 20 years do not yet exist

How do we prepare our kids for careers and jobs that haven’t been thought of yet?